Developing a reflective model for Gwynedd

In the spirit of collaborative practice and reflective practice, we have brought members of each team together alongside the training department, to support us in the project to create our own reflective model for Gwynedd. Through our discussions with Siobhan Maclean we had agreed that creating our own model would help with the ownership of it and this would strengthen reflective practice for our frontline workers. Interestingly, in the project, we discuss the importance of promoting ownership of the change for the families that we work with, and this is parallel to considering that approach, with a key focus on collaboration and ownership.

Three sessions were arranged. In the first session Siobhan explained some of the theory behind social work models and reflection. We then came together to share some initial ideas and thoughts on the different creations. Our final session allowed us to confirm what we wanted to include, and the key elements of the model. The process has been creative and empowering. We came into the sessions expecting a possibility of two models which we may be able to take forward, but the ideas were all so good and suitable within different circumstances, that we have ended up with 7 models, all of which fantastic in their own right. We have decided that the models will form part of a reflective practice booklet currently being produced for the project with Siobhan.

I feel extremely lucky to have been able to be a part of this process and to see the development of new and bespoke reflective practice models that can be used within reflection but also within direct practice with families.

reflective model