Measure - measuring our progress towards outcomes

  • How staff measure the progress of their interventions.
  • Measuring each step towards achieving the change that will keep children safe.

The Effective Child Protection project focusses on change.  It identifies the key areas of change and what evidence will show that “care is now, good enough.”

The project has developed a method for measuring change.  For each area of change it scales progress towards achieving ‘good enough care.’  The methodology ‘steps to change’ provides a framework for collaborative conversations.  Children and families are encouraged to define their own change and the words they wish to use.  Changes are scaled from 1 to 10.

The ‘steps to change’ and the concepts of ‘measure’ provide a method for outcome measurement as outlined in the Social Services and Well-being Act (Wales) 2014.   

The skills of identifying steps to change and using the new recording formats are developed through training workshops for staff and mentoring support.  Mentoring is provided within the Local Authority by managers, practice mentors and through facilitated support groups.

Training is provided through a locally developed programme and includes:

  • Effective Child Protection workshop
  • Practice guidance and support material.

This is supported in practice through supervision, peer support and the role of the Child Protection Co-ordinator within Case Conferences.  The Effective Child Protection project provides individual and group mentoring support.