Stages of Reflection

Reflective practice is one of the cornerstones of Effective Child Protection.  

It may be part of a practitioner’s day to day practice; self-directed reflection or done with colleagues.  

Reflective practice can also be facilitated through practice mentoring, reflective practice groups and supervision.

The Stage of Reflection is an animation developed with Siobhan Maclean, Wendy Roberts.  It is a wonderful collaboration with animator Ray Marett; offering a different way of reminding us about the three different kinds of reflection.  Reflecting on practice, in the moment and as you prepare for action.

There are two versions of the video.

  • The long version is about 5 minutes long.
  • A shorter version summarises the key points in less than 1 minute.

In the videos there are several slides with prompt questions for each of the stages.  These can be downloaded as a completed set; or downloaded separately for a specific stage.  For example, the slides for reflection ON action, includes questions relating to Others and Next.

You may find these useful as reminders for your reflection, after watching the videos.

There is also a handout about how to use the video.

It can be used as a single view video; but has been designed to be more than that.  A visual guided reflection you can use whenever you need to take time to pause.  You may find that each time you watch the video you’ll notice something different, or a question may appeal to you.


  1. How to use the Stages of Reflection video (PDF)
  2. FOR (PDF)
  3. IN (PDF)
  4. ON (PDF)
  5. Stages of Reflection - all slides  (PDF)